Travel me

First things first. There is tourist guides and there is travellers blog. This is the latter. It will take you out of the buzz of long touristy cues and let you see the place were people actually live, dream, fight and love. I might sneak in a tourist attraction or two, but this is not the main purpose of these writings.

Whenever I travel somewhere I have … well not rules as such, but more guidelines I go by.

  1. It must call to me in a special way. This means I get exited or scared or overwhelmed by thinking on the trip. It must shake me a little otherwise I feel like I could just as well stay at home.
  2. It must be chosen either social or not. Here you might think I lost it. Because will it not always be either one or the other? And yes, it will, but if it is chosen I am good. I mean the last thing I want to do is find myself in this big city with lots of people, expecting interesting encounters and a holiday later I haven’t shared dreams with a single person. And I tell you as a experienced solo traveller – that can easily happen, if you don’t plan otherwise. Sometime that’s cool. I go somewhere to be the silent observer or to be in the mountains completely alone. But it must be chosen.
  3. Finally my travels must challenge me in some way. This kind of goes together with the first one, but not always.

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