SUP: My excuse to play in flat water

Getting grounded and connecting with nature is important for me to feel whole. I do this in many ways through walks with my dog, ski, outdoor yoga, ceremonies ad rituals and just laying in the grass smelling the living soil or watching the clouds pass by. One thing that is sure to reboot me and give me that inner joy and peace is playing in the water. I still have a way to go before actually beeing able to surf (I still mainly roll on the sandy banks beneath the surface) and waves are not close to where I live. So stand up paddle boarding has become my favourite excuse to jump in a wetsuit and discover know and new water. Denmark is perfect for SUP. Since I am paddleboarding over most of Denmark and abroad whenever I have time, the idea is to give you a series of tips on different places – here is my first blog on SUP in beautiful Copenhagen, on Travelicious World. Follow and let me know what you think. How do you connect with nature?

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