Travel blogs

The World Is My Oyster

First things first. There is tourist guides and there is travellers guides. This is the latter. It will take you out of the buzz of long touristy cues and let you see the places were people actually live, dream, fight and love. I might sneek in a tourist attraction or two, but this is not the main purpose of these writings. Explore and live the adventure is my travelling motto!

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Free writing

Free writing is where I go with the flow, get creative and give life to my imaginary worlds. It is fiction of all sorts and a melting pot of not finished stories, test of plots and just exploring the fun of writing. It is a peak into my fantasy brain and I may warn you: the language of my shown writings will often be in Danish. If you are interested in a more creative fictional kind of writing, I will be happy to explore the possibilities with you - also in English.

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Educational Articles


Welcome to my classroom! Learning and relations are what makes the world go a round, if you ask me. In this classroom I will explore some theories and practises on subject relating learning, education, schools, teaching and all the stuff in between.

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Welcome to Writers Nest!

Now you can get the webpage you always dreamt of . This is your opportunity to get easy and professional content written with authenticity and passion.

Writers nest is a peak into published an non published writings and pictures of mine. Maybe you know exactly what you are looking for or maybe the vision is more of a blur. Either way I can help you out. I write pre-ordered content on various subjects and I will also be happy to brainstorm ideas and layout with you at any time.

Have fun looking around the nest and don't hesitate to contact me.

photo credit: Katie Ring
photo credit: Katie Ring

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Are there a supject you don't see in the nest, but would like to know if I do? Are you interested in exploring ideas or do you just want to get some content? Lets talk 🙂